About Brickcatch.com.au

Building, building and building again. Block after block. Until it’s all put together the way you want it. As a child, I already had bins of LEGO. All my wish lists for birthdays and Sinterklaas consisted of LEGO. Even in adulthood I enjoy it. I’m Mark and together with Mandy I founded Brickcatch.com.au: the largest LEGO price comparison site in the Netherlands.

LEGO price comparison site

Mandy gave me the big Harry Potter castle from LEGO for my 37th birthday in 2020. That rekindled my love for the toy. It’s still a cool feeling to open a box full of LEGO and put it all together. Whether you’re 5, 15 or 50 years old.

But LEGO isn’t free, of course. That is why I wanted to score the best deal when buying a new LEGO set. I searched all the webshops for the lowest price. Had I found one with a low price, it was sold out again. Frustrating and a very time-consuming task.

LEGO lowest price

That could be easier. For Brickcatch.com.au I made a script that automatically searches the prices of all webshops and picks out the cheapest one. On Brickcatch.com.au you only have to pick a LEGO set and the site automatically shows you the webshop with the lowest price.

We update the prices on the site several times a day, so the price information is always up to date. Brickcatch.com.au is independent and we do not give preference to certain websites. So you can be sure that the lowest price is really the lowest price. And the best? You don’t have to search the internet for hours. You can find the best deal for your new LEGO acquisition at the touch of a button.

From the Roman Colosseum and FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou to a stormtroopers helmet and the NASA Space Shuttle. On Brickcatch.com.au you will find all kinds of LEGO. For young and old and in every price category. To give as a gift or just to keep for yourself. And all for the lowest price.