Let the Minecraft universe come to life with LEGO Minecraft

Minecraft is an immensely popular video game series. How cool is it that kids can now recreate parts of the game in real life? With the LEGO Minecraft building sets, important locations and characters from the exciting game come to life.

So you can experience adventures in the world of Minecraft not only on the computer, but also in real life. Engage in battles, tend lambs and activate the TNT discharge function. Relive scenes from the game, or invent completely new stories. The choice is yours.

For avid gamers

LEGO Minecraft is a perfect way for avid gamers to engage with the world of Minecraft even outside the game. Iconic locations and characters, such as the Creeper mine, are instantly recognizable to fans and spur them on to new adventures of their own.

LEGO Minecraft building sets are full of cool features, allowing you to drop rocks or drive a mine cart. The building sets are generally suitable for children as young as 8 years old, but older children and even adults will also be able to have fun rebuilding the Minecraft world.

Get the Minecraft universe into your home

LEGO Minecraft consists of many different building sets. By continually expanding your collection, you will bring an additional piece of the Minecraft universe into your home each time. Start small and build further and further, until you have designed your own ideal LEGO Minecraft world. Replay parts from the game, or invent further storylines of your own.

Some of the characters are also very cool to put down as decoration. That way you can enjoy them even when you’re not playing with them. So would you like to get a complete LEGO Minecraft universe in your home, but not pay too much? Then compare the best offers on this website and see immediately where you can order your LEGO Minecraft the best. Which set will be your favorite?