Get the world into your home with LEGO Architecture

Do you also find the Statue of Liberty so imposing? Or have you always wanted the Eiffel Tower in your home? With LEGO Architecture it is possible. These building sets bring iconic buildings from all over the world into your home.

Will you start with the White House or rather the skyline of London? The LEGO Architecture buildings are beautiful to see. Collect them all and bring the world into your home.

Beautiful sets for decoration

The fun of the LEGO Architecture sets is not so much in playing with them as in building them and then being able to enjoy the iconic buildings. Although the details, such as being able to open and close the Tower Bridge, do give the sets something extra. They are all hefty builds, but most kids as young as 12 can get by with them, although some sets are recommended only from 16.

When the buildings are assembled, they are real eye-catchers. Also included in each set is information about the building, its architect and history. This way, building is not only fun, but LEGO Architecture is also super educational.

A fun gift for LEGO fans

A building set from the LEGO Architecture series is an incredibly cool gift for LEGO fans. You are not only giving the gift of the beautiful building, but also the building fun that comes with putting it together. But a LEGO Architecture building set can also be a great gift for yourself.

Will you put the Empire State Building on your desk? Or would you rather look at the Dubai skyline? And if you can’t choose just take them both! On this website you can compare all prices for LEGO Architecture sets and be sure to find the best deals. What will be your next building set?