Build your own Batman universe with LEGO Batman

Have you always wanted to have your own Batcave? And how cool would it be to go catch the Joker in a Batmobile? With LEGO Batman, these dreams come true. Take on the role of Batman and fight the bad guys. Or would you rather be the Joker today? Everything is possible with these LEGO Batman building sets.

LEGO Batman for any age

Batman has been a true phenomenon for decades. Whether you’ve been a fan of this masked hero for years, or you’re just getting to know him, there’s always and LEGO Batman set for you. There is even a LEGO DUPLO Batman set available, allowing children as young as two years old to play with LEGO Batman.

Building the legendary 1989 Batwing, on the other hand, is only recommended for ages 18 and up. Thus, there is always a LEGO Batman set to suit you. Even if you don’t feel like putting together a LEGO Batman building set, it is possible to still have a LEGO Batman with you. Just buy the cool keychain and hang it on your keychain or bag.

Construct your own Batman universe

With the LEGO Batman building sets, it is possible to build your own Batman universe. Do you start with the Batcave and expand it later with a Batmobile and mobile Batbase? Or would you rather start with the Batboat? Will you hunt the Riddler or the Joker first? There are plenty of cool LEGO Batman sets to reenact all your favorite scenes. Or make up your own stories.

If you want to keep expanding the Batman universe, it is wise to compare prices for different sets here first. This way you can be sure that you never pay too much and you immediately know at which provider you can buy the set the cheapest. Then you can quickly continue catching the bad guys.