Lay a good foundation with LEGO DUPLO

Small children are often bursting with imagination. In the most beautiful constructions from LEGO DUPLO they can use all this fantasy. This stimulates them in their development. In addition, it is of course wonderful to hear your toddler tell all kinds of stories while he or she is completely absorbed in the game.

There are many different LEGO DUPLO sets available for children as young as two years old. Will you build a fire station, train, Frozen castle, police station or bedroom? Or do you make up your own thing with the versatile blocks.

Fest of recognition

The LEGO DUPLO sets are a feast of recognition for your toddler or preschooler. DUPLO responds to children’s interests and lets your little one build anything he or she likes. Famous figures, such as Elsa from Frozen, Lightning McQueen from Cars and Minnie and Mickey Mouse, also appear in the building sets. Does your toddler enjoy not only building things, but also taking them down again? Then the DUPLO demolition set is just the thing for him or her.

Little animal lovers can indulge in one of the many animal sets. Building sets with blocks in a variety of colors and recognizable parts, such as windows and doors, are also always a hit with toddlers. This way they can enjoy making up their own minds about what they want to build, while practicing important concepts such as color and numbers.

A good foundation

Letting your toddler play with DUPLO lays a good foundation for a lifetime of building fun. Children learn early on to follow their own imagination and to build solid structures. So after a few years they can start working with one of the many other LEGO sets.

To expand your LEGO DUPLO collection as economically as possible, it is useful to compare the offers on this website. That way you know exactly where to order the DUPLO the best and get even more building fun for the same money!