A real challenge with LEGO NINJAGO!

Are you ready for real excitement when building your Lego? Then imagine what it would be like with LEGO NINJAGO! In this exciting world of ninjas, you will battle evil and always want to go for the win. Find your way through the dungeons as a ninja, across moving bridges, the lava and try to avoid Skull Sorcerer’s warriors and free your fellow ninjas from prison. Now you can reenact hours of exciting battles from the TV series with your very own LEGO NINJAGO set.

I want to fight like a Ninjago!

Sure you can. Not only when you are at home, but also on the road you can play with the LEGO NINJAGO set. After all, you don’t need batteries, you just need to be creative. The Lego set is easy to build if you follow the instructions. Once you are done building, you can go straight into battle as Ninjago.

Do you enjoy playing and battling with your friends? Then the LEGO NINJAGO is also a great birthday gift for your friends. Then you can go through life together as ninja in a unique fantasy world and take on vicious villains. Your friends will be impressed by your LEGO NINJAGO collection of ships, cars, dragons, temples and much more.