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LEGO 70434 Supernatural Race Car
LEGO 70434 Supernatural Race Car

The perfect combination between physical building and playing in AR with LEGO Hidden Side

Do you dare to go on a ghost hunt with LEGO? With LEGO Hidden Side, kids discover a totally different side of LEGO. These special building sets combine playing and building in the real world with an exciting ghost hunt in the virtual world.

It is a fun and educational way to get in touch with Augmented Reality (AR). It is even possible with the LEGO Hidden Side app to play with multiple people against each other. This is how LEGO becomes a really exciting and cool toy!

Next level LEGO

Several sets of LEGO Hidden Side are available. Will you choose the stunt plane? Or do you prefer the abandoned prison? One thing is certain: it will be an exciting adventure. After building the set, you can use the app to look for the Hidden Side of the structure.

You might just come across ghosts that you have to catch. If you want to play together with your friends, it is also possible that one person plays the ghost hunter, while the others are ghosts. Who will win?

Regular updates and further expansions

The LEGO Hidden Side app still gets regular updates, so the game really never ends. Each time you can discover new missions, items or additional ghosts. The LEGO Hidden Side sets are suitable for children as young as 7 years old, but older children or even adults will still have fun catching the ghosts or challenging the ghost hunter.

To use the “play-as-a-ghost hunter” mode of the app you need at least one of the LEGO Hidden Side sets, but combining multiple sets makes it even more challenging of course.

So does your kid love his LEGO Hidden Side set and would you like to buy another one for as little money as possible? Here you will find the best LEGO offers from various suppliers, so that you always get the best price. Then you can go on a spooky ghost hunt.