Be a hero with LEGO Fire brigade

‘Quick! There’s a fire in town and we have to save them!’ Playing firefighters always captures the imagination of children. Playing firefighter is even more fun with the sturdy LEGO construction sets. Build a large ladder truck, an extensive fire station or a fire engine and extinguish all the fires in the area.

Even a fire truck for the little ones

Firefighters and fire engines also have a magical attraction for many toddlers. That is why LEGO also has fire brigade construction sets for the little ones. These LEGO DUPLO fire trucks consist of large blocks that can easily be put together by little hands. So they can also help with extinguishing fires. Or will the LEGO fire brigade rescue the cat that is high up in the tree?

Whatever story you invent, LEGO will bring it to life. But even older children will have lots of fun with the LEGO fire brigade sets. How many fires can you put out in one day?

Combine with other building sets

A sturdy ladder truck is nice, but it’s even nicer if you also have something to put out. So combine the LEGO fire brigade with other LEGO sets, for example from the LEGO City collection. This way you build a complete city, where many fires can be extinguished. It is also fun to expand your fire brigade. You start with a fire station with one fire truck and before you know it you also have a fire plane, boat and helicopter.

And if you have built a large city, you can of course use an additional fire station. So you can build your own universe, in which LEGO firefighters are the real heroes. On you can compare all LEGO Fire Brigade offers, so you can pay the best price for the most awesome sets. Then you can go back to being a hero in your own LEGO city with peace of mind.